Thursday, 29 December 2016

Best of 2016

Christmas is over for another year and, with the soundtrack of my very favourite Christmas movie Nativity! still playing in my head, it’s time for a review of 2016. Cheryl from Meadow Mist designs is holding a link up and, thankfully, she has provided a few prompts to follow, so here goes.


My post with the most views was a tutorial I wrote on How to Hang a Quilt on an Outdoor Wall. Its popularity is due to it being featured in a newsletter from Debbie at A Quilter’s Table. If you don’t already get this newsletter, I highly recommend it. Debbie is generous in her round-ups and usually features variations of a quilt design that will have you rushing to add it to your already over-long to do list. Back issues are here if you want to see some samples. 


The winner in this field was my stop on the 2016 New Quilt Bloggers Hop. Thanks to everyone who took the time to comment on ANY of my posts. I truly appreciate and value every one of them.


The runner up in both the above categories was my stop in the Cloud 9 New Block Blog Hop. It got a lot of views and a lot of comments. It surprised me that people could see so much potential in it and a lot of the comments had ideas for making it in different colourways. I went on and used a couple of those suggestions to make some placemats just before Christmas. I learned a lot from doing this hop and from seeing what other people did as well. I would definitely like to do it again if I get the chance.


Always a tricky choice. Up until a little while ago that would have gone to the Union Jack quilt I made out of Jane Sassaman florals (here) but I thought maybe I should pick another one since I think I’ve showcased that particular quilt far too many times already. I was scanning through my quilt gallery and, genuinely, this is my new favourite – the Union Jack quilt made from batiks. It’s not finished and extremely similar but I love that large scale leaf batik and that dusky shade of blue of some of the leaves. Shame about the photo spot with its excess of shrubbery though.


Another difficult choice. There were two posts I really enjoyed writing and they were slightly off topic. One was the One Lovely Blog Award post. I had to come up with seven things about myself and I had to dig a fair way back into my past for something interesting but it was fun and I got some great feedback. The other was a post about my sewing space. One of my fellow 2016NQB hoppers and part of my critique group, Melva at Melva Loves Scraps, ran a link up for posts about our sewing studios and it was great to see everyone’s creative areas.

It will soon be 2017 – stay safe and have a Happy New Year!


  1. What a wonderful collection of posts for 2016, I loved learning about how you hang a quilt on an outdoor wall. Thanks for linking up!

  2. I've just had s lovely time revisiting your posts Sue, I especially loved having a second look at your sewing room, especially as I am finally getting some furniture/storage for mine (just Ikea but perfect for my needs), I'm not clever with stuff like you are though.

  3. This is a great post Sue and you are an amazing photographer. I enjoyed reading about hanging a quilt outdoors and may have to get me some of that stuff as I think my clothes line is getting really old. I'm looking forward to following along in 2017.