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Hi I'm Sue and welcome to my blog! This is me, all teeth and cheesy smile, enjoying a stroll on the beach.

The  quote above comes from a quilting magazine I read quite a few years ago. It was part of a profile piece and the quilter involved had it pinned to their inspiration board. It pretty much sums up where I am with my sewing and quilting skills. 

I started quilting back in around 2001 and, as any good newbie quilter, was passionate about it. I moved house in 2007 hoping that a shorter distance to work would give me more time for quilting. Not so. I found a new passion – gardening, which I blog about at Yard Tales. In the past year or so my interest has been re-sparked with the discovery of the Modern Quilting movement. I just love an alternate grid!

Last year I upgraded from my basic Brother sewing machine to a new one – the large throated (11 ¼ inch!!), multi-stitch beauty, Brother VQ2400. To accommodate this, my sewing room has also had an upgrade with a small dining table that I bought second hand. Now when I’m quilting I don’t have to bring in the folding outdoor table to add more bench space – luxury! All this has also sparked a renewed interest in sewing and quilting and suddenly I’ve found more time to sew – hooray!
As for the basic information – I live in one of the north-eastern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia, work full time at a job I enjoy, have fish and share a cat with my neighbours (they feed him, I only cuddle him). And speaking of neighbours – my neighbour, Michelle, is the hard working owner of The Quilt Fairy. I don’t know what proportion of the population in Australia quilts – but really, what are the chances?!!

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  1. So glad to meet you! And don't feel bad about your hair...today I went to a charity luncheon and about halfway through it I realized that I had not fixed my hair! I got out of the shower and did not even run a comb through it! Oh my! What was that all about? At least I remembered to put on a bra and panties! Anyways....looking forward to getting to know you through our blogs and Instagram! Love your quilts and fabric choices!