Friday, 28 October 2016

Paying It Forward - a giveaway with strings attached

This week the lovely Abigail from Cut & Alter sent me a Pay it Forward Craft gift in the mail. Back in June my name was picked as being the lucky recipient and Abigail promised me something in the mail before Christmas, so it was something of a surprise when it arrived.

Now it’s my turn to Pay it Forward. I need to pick 3 people to send a little (postage costs from Australia being what they are) something to. If you would like to be the recipient and are willing to then pay it forward to 3 other people in your turn leave a comment below. Make sure I can contact you. If you are a no-reply commenter please add your Instagram handle or email address.

I’ll be giving other opportunities over on Instagram as well so if you’d like to give yourself extra chances leave a comment over there as well.

I’ll randomly pick the winners next Friday lunchtime Perth time and I’ll be in touch. Good luck!

Friday, 21 October 2016

Five Things Friday #5

It’s been a really good week this week!

First up, I went to the rose nursery and bought some more roses. So, I had 109 and with these new ones the count is now up to 114. Here’s one of them, the absolutely divine Julia’s Rose.

There’s nothing better than coming home from work and finding some happy mail on the doorstep. This is the giveaway I won from This Mom Quilts a few weeks back. It’s a lovely haul of low volume fabric (including some blueberry park that I’ve been drooling over); some ribbon to bring my gift styling up another notch; a pencil case; some hexie templates and a needle keeper. Thanks Amanda, too generous!

I signed up for the Modern Quilt Guild mini swap and received an email with my partner info on Wednesday. 

One of the suggestions was to make a collage for inspiration for our swap mate. This is mine, clockwise from top left the makers are Libs Elliott, Cynthia from Ahhh Quilting, Wendy from Quiltamour and Svetlana from sotak handmade.

Don’t you just love the way plants will grow in any crack available. This is the lovely delicate looking Australian Native Violet.

Linking up with Amanda at Gypsy Moon Quilt Co for Five Things Friday.

Have a great weekend!

Friday, 14 October 2016

Five Things Friday #4

It’s been a while since I posted a 5 Happy Things list. This is what has been making me smile of late.

It’s spring here and plants are coming back to life. There’s an amazing rampant “green” smell in my backyard at this time of year. Breathe deep - it must be healthy!

Picking up a book at the library can be tricky and I’m sure we’ve all had our share of disappointments so it’s always a bonus when you pick up a good one. This is light-hearted and fun, for the most part. It’s kind of Mary Poppins goes modern and adult (ahem) which probably explains the upside down umbrella on the cover.

I ordered some labels from Australian business Labels and Ribbon so all my lousy label days are behind me. The cheap option doesn’t allow you to add your own logo but there are lots of different fonts to choose from and various designs for the little picture in the corner.

More quilt books from the library. I went through the catalogue of what was available, picked out quite a few and saved them into a list. I was tempted to reserve them all at once but, no, I thought it through for a minute and picked out a couple at a time.

And lastly this fabric which can only be described as high visibility green. I found it at a local fabric and manchester franchise, Textile Traders. They were having a sale, one day only, printed ‘craft’ fabric, $7 per metre! This is such a bargain! Unless you’ve ever fabric shopped in Australia you have no idea, but just for comparison my Local Quilt Stores are selling Kona solids for $20 per metre. I hot footed over there at very least out of curiosity and checked it out. They don’t have a big range but what they do have is current and good quality (in store anyway) and I was extremely tempted but I don’t need any more prints… I hate leaving empty handed don’t you? So I bought some Quilters Cotton solids that I need for upcoming projects and this piece found its way in due to a wave of FOMO which struck as I was leaving. What if I wanted it for something and I couldn’t find it again? Tragic! The bonus was that being the type of store it is they are very generous with their cuts. They measure a little more before they start and add a little more to the end. Happy days!

Linking up with Amanda at Gypsy Moon Quilt Co for Five Things Friday.

Have a great weekend!