Monday, 8 May 2017

2017 New Quilt Bloggers – My turn!

Hello and welcome to my stop on the 2017 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop. I’m Sue and I live in Perth, Western Australia. This is my second time for participating in the New Quilt Bloggers Hop. I came back for seconds because I enjoyed it so much last time. This second time around has been much less nerve wracking and anxiety inducing than last time.

I started blogging just over two years ago so I could join in with the on-line quilt community. It all looked like so much fun! My first post was an entry into the 2015 Pantone Quilt Challenge. Even though the colour of the year really wasn’t my thing, it grew on me and I think this quilt is a keeper! (If you’re interested the 2017 Pantone Quilt Challenge is coming up at the end of the month.)

When the call went out at the end of last year to join the Modern Quilt Guild mini swap, I quickly signed up. This was the mini I put together for my swap partner based on Amy Sinibaldi’s Half -hearted pattern (free!).

Last year I received a Pay It Forward Craft gift from Abigail at Cut and Alter and have paid my three items forward. This Rainbow Rose mini was the one I made for a recipient who lives nearby.

Last year I joined in my first ever Quilt-Along with another fellow hop mate Amanda of This Mom Quilts to make her Facets Plus Quilt.

In my hop post last year I asked the question of readers if they had joined any swaps, quilt alongs, bees (have you? Any favourites?) and through that I found Stash Bee which I signed up for this year. I also joined a bee made up of 11 others also in last year’s hop – Bee Inspired. These bees have been a great experience and have been great in feeding a no-brainer blog post once a month J.

The other recent project I’m most proud of is the mini I designed myself. I call it Somewhat Positive.

My QUILTING TIP is to hold your work up to a mirror. If you’re not sure you’re particularly liking a finish or a block, for some reason holding it up to a mirror seems to give you a different perspective of it. I read an interior decorating tip once that suggested that standing in a corner with your back to a room and holding a hand mirror will give you insights into what’s working home dec-wise in the same way, so it’s a genuine thing, really!

My BLOGGING TIP is to use your best photo first so that it shows in a blog reader. Instead of just marking as read and moving on your audience will be lured in to read the post, maybe even click through for a comment. (Also, claim your blog on Bloglovin. You’ll get all your stats that way. They’re very detailed.)

Thanks so much to our hosts and organisers, Yvonne at Quilting Jetgirl, Beth at Cooking Up Quilts and Leanne at She Can Quilt, for all their time and effort. Please visit my fellow hoppers from Better Bloggers Hive for today

Sue of Sevenoaks Street Quilts (me)
Jen of Dizzy Quilter
Tara of Quiltersstash
Paige of Quilted Blooms

Y’all come back now!


  1. Sue, so great to meet you last year in the hop! I agree, this go round was much less stress! You work, as always, is beautiful!

  2. I am so glad that the second year is less stressful for participation. And what a cool trick about the mirror - I hope to remember that! Thank you so much for joining and participating in the hop again this year.

  3. Hi Sue, I've been reading your blogs since the Blog Hop started and it's been wonderful seeing your quilts and blocks, I especially like the appliqued octagons from yesterday's post--ingenious! I look forward to reading your posts. Also, thanks for the wonderful tips.

  4. Sue it was great to meet you this year. I have been happy to meet so many new to me bloggers who enjoy quilting so much. I have never heard of the mirror trick, but I am going to keep that in mind.

  5. Thank you for that Pantone challenge link. I may just jump in with that one.
    I haven't done any quilt-alongs or BOMs, I might have to save those events for retirement.
    I found when I photograph my projects, I see "mistakes" in the images rather than when I am looking at it in person. Weird. I think your mirror trick accomplishes the same thing.
    It took me awhile to figure out that the first image would always be the lead-off image in the blog post. Now, of course, the best leads off ...
    Popped from the hop, stop by for a visit some time.

    1. popped "by" - I should finish reading before I hit "publish!"

  6. I love your quilts and following you will be fun. I found you a little later in the 2017NQB - must have stopped short a list for bloglovin! Looking forward to following you. Did your "hive" join the stashblog? Kinda cool way to stay together....

  7. I agree - it was much easier this year. Last year I was a ball of nerves. I love your somewhat positive quilt. I should make one for my son.

  8. I have not joined any swaps. I have so little time to sew now, that I just can't put myself under pressure to complete items by a certain time. Your quilts are lovely, I particularly like Facets Plus-beautiful!

  9. Great tip, Sue! I don't really use Bloglovin as my method for reading blogs, so I didn't know that's how it worked. Good to know! Glad you're not stressing out as much this time. WAY more fun that way! :)

  10. Hi Sue! Glad to be back here for a second round with you...I agree...less stress!

  11. Hi Sue, thanks for sharing your quilts! I really liked the Facets Plus quilt, there's something very cool about it! I never saw the benefit of claiming my blog at Bloglovin, but after reading your tip, I will, so thank you for that!

  12. Hi Sue! Congratulations on quilt design! I love it, so bold and unique. I love your minis too. You were able to take a full block quilt pattern and resize it? (Half hearted) I have so enjoyed this hop and hope to find more :)
    ~Abbie from the Hive ��

  13. Hi Sue! Great blogging tip. I've just recently figured that one out myself. Interesting about the mirror. I'm going to try that. Great to meet you! from another new blogger...

  14. Hi Sue! it's great to learn about you and see your quilts from the Pantone challenge! I love your minis, they are so beautiful. Your tips are great too :) can't wait to see what else you come up with!
    - Sherry @PoweredbyQuilting

  15. Sue, that's such a great tip about the mirror! I will definitely try that, thanks!

  16. I haven't checked out the stats from Bloglovin' yet...but you have me intrigued! I haven't seen anything that detailed! Are you doing this year's Pantone quilt challenge? I'm hoping too - but I have several other deadlines to meet first before I can give myself permission. Thanks for sharing your work!

  17. I love the quilt you designed, so bold!

  18. Somewhat Positive is a great mini, I would be proud of it too. It was great being in the 2016 new quilters with you Sue, and it's even better being in Bee Inspired. That is a very interesting quilting tip, I haven't heard it before but I will have to check it out. The blogging too is a good one too, I often hold my best shot until last, I didn't think about how it presents in a blog reader, I'll have to look into it and see if it makes a difference. Great post.

  19. Hello Sue your blog post is full of information and interesting to read. I would love to join in a blog hop or a quilt along but I always seem to find them a little late and they’ve either finished or are about to finish! I’m still hopeful that I’ll find one and join in from the off… It’s lovely to meet you.