Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Best of 2018

Cheryl at Meadow Mist Designs is hosting the annual end of year round-up of best posts again. Here’s mine from 2018

1.     TOP POST -

There was one post from this year that stood out from the crowd in terms of page views with 10 times more visits than an average one - my Hold the Pickle block tutorial. This was supposed to be my year long project for last year and I somehow fell off the wagon on it. I better get back on and get it done.


The second most popular post was as part of the blog hop for Cheryl’s and Paige’s great book Modern Plus Signs Quilts. I made a version of the Celestial Quilt for my parents and they love it!


I thought I’d diverge from the blog to that other quilt community platform, Instagram, for my next two picks. Bearing in mind that hashtags rule over there, this firefly block was my most liked post over there. This is from the pattern by Pen and Paper Patterns and there was a quilt along for this one. Second most popular was a fabric pull for a not even started Free Wheeling Single Girl Quilt as part of a quilt along hosted by Sewtopia and The Next Stitch. They are planning on hosting another one this year so I’m already past the first stage and ready to have another try at it.


Third top Instagram post was my Neighbourhood quilt top that I made for the Pantone Color of the Year Quilt challenge. Love this quilt even though purple wouldn’t be my first choice as a background colour for a quilt normally.


I made two circle of geese quilt blocks this year, one for Stash Bee and the other for Bee Inspired. They’re both great and very different from each other and I’m picking them as my favourites for this year.

Thanks Cheryl for hosting this link-up and the prompt for this. Happy sewing everyone and enjoy the holiday season.


  1. I really like that you included Instagram in your review, Sue! Here's to a fantastic 2019. :)

  2. I don’t remember making that circle block in Bee Inspired. But I remember it from Stash Bee. And I’ve looked at your Hold the Pickle block lots of times. I think it’s my favorite photo of yours for 2018. Happy Next Year.

  3. I’m loving the Hold the Pickles block having made fifteen of them in blue and yellow Cotton + Steel fabrics-love this pattern- definitely a repeater.

  4. The pickles block is so much fun and look forward to seeing your finish with that. I love the firefly block and the bee blocks - they are really happy blocks. It was a terrific year for you and wishing you a creative New Year.

  5. 2018 was quite a year! Exciting to see Celestial in the top 5! Happy New Year!

  6. What a great review. All very pretty works. Your Celestial quilt is so pretty. I love the many colored plus signs.

  7. Great posts you selected! I like how you combined blog posts and instagram posts. Thanks for linking up and for being part of my book hop!

  8. had a spectacular year. I love your Neighborhood quilt. I can so see it as a photo quilt with all your friends peeking out the windows!

  9. Look at all those amazing quilt. I love the hold the pickle block and thanks for the tutorial link! Happy New Year!

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