Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Pantone Challenge 2018 Neighborhood Quilt – a top!

This is the third year I’ve entered the Pantone Color of the Year quilt challenge (other posts are here and here) and I admit to being a big fan of the process.

Putting a quilt together using a colour you wouldn’t ordinarily choose is often a stretch but I’ve always been surprised at how much I like the finished result.

This year’s is no exception. I used the Neighborhood pattern from Elizabeth Hartman’s book Modern Patchwork.

It feels good to actually make something from the books on my bookshelf for a change and I will definitely attempt to do more of it, since I’ve got a stack of them.

I had the quilt magnetted (is that a word?) to the shed for at least half a day while I waited to see if the light would be just right for the photos. Eventually my patience was rewarded but I kind of like the ones with the dappled light playing on them too.

I was hoping that this quilt would suit my sewing room as a wall hanging so I taped it up on the wall and, yep, it got the big tick of approval. The quilt top finishes at 45 inches by 60 and is now placed somewhere amongst the others waiting to be quilted.

Many thanks to Sarah and Rebecca of No Hats in the House and Bryan House Quilts for making this possible. To assist in putting me into the right prize category - I'm in Australia.

Once the link up closes you get a chance to vote for your favourites so head over and have a look!

Happy sewing



  1. Great choice of design and a I love the use of colour.
    How great to have it fit your wall as well.

  2. Yay you for choosing this vibrant colour as the background. It’s an awesome choice and WOW it really works. I would never have thought to try that. Purple is one of my favourite colours and I try to use it in every quilt even if it’s just a small scrap or two. So I was very excited to see it as the colour of the year.

  3. Ohh it's beautiful! I LOVE that bright purple background, it is unusual to see and just looks fabulous. Neighborhood is such a cute pattern!

  4. I really like seeing how the other colors play with Ultraviolet in your quilt top. How awesome that you will be keeping this one for you, too. :)

  5. The wonderful background makes the coloured houses pop right out, very clever use of such a vibrant colour. Love it Sue.

  6. Oh wow, this looks fabulous! It's a great pattern and I love the fabrics you have used. Lovely photos too.

  7. So cute! The colors really pop. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  8. Wow, what amazing color! I really like your houses, and they look fabulous on the Ultraviolet background!