Friday, 8 July 2016

Five Things Friday #2

This week I’m linking up with Amanda at Gypsy Moon Quilts for Five Things Friday again.

FTF pink jpg

When I sit down to lunch and take  a break from housework on Sundays there’s been an art show on TV over the last few weeks. They’ve been featuring Australian artists and some of them are photographers. This is where my ears prick up and I start paying attention to see if there are any ideas I can steal experiment with. One idea that featured heavily was the use of mirrors and shiny backdrops. I thought I’d give it a go and so – ta-da! here are my first tries.

The thread spools turned out well

And I liked the way the pins were reflected, along with the underside of these scissors. Finding the right reflection as the “background” is a bit tricky. You have to shift angles to see what works best – corner of room, airconditioning vent… The window and blinds were the winners

Not everything turned out that well. This is my attempt at using two mirrors to create a never-ending expanse of apples. I think that maybe you’re supposed to use three mirrors for this to work properly… It was tricky for me not to appear in the shot with my housework clothes and Sunday hair-do and it took a fair bit of ducking behind things and leaning at odd angles to keep myself out of it.

I’ve been reading blogs where people have been saying they’re retiring to their sewing spaces to escape the heat in the northern hemisphere. For all you guys sweltering away here’s some wintry photos to help you feel a little cooler. These ibis flock to the local wetland area in wet weather and we had a few foggy mornings recently. I love fog. I also absolutely love the cooler months of the year and I think I could find five things to be happy about right there.

And I spotted this shadow of a bare tree against a wall. It’s great when it’s cool enough to sit in the sun and enjoy it.

Sending you all cool thoughts (in a good way).   


  1. We really need the cool thoughts for South Carolina! It's so dry and hot! Enjoyed your reflection photos and the fog! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love the foggy pic! Very cool.

  3. I've never thought of using mirrors in my photos before, but I'm going to give that one a try! Love your ibis photo. We don't need the cool weather vibes here in Vancouver, but I always appreciate a gorgeous nature shot! ❤️ Thanks for linking up and sharing your happy things!

  4. I also thought the mirror idea was fabulous, and I think your photo with apples is great. I too prefer the cooler months... Now that we're into July I'm looking forward to Indian Summer here in Colorado... warm days, cooler nights and pretty light. It's my favorite time of year!

  5. Loving your fav is the last one. I like the lines of the shadows and the wall..

  6. Your mirrored photos are lovely, I may just have to pinch that idea. Although it's summer in the UK where I live in northeast England try damp, cold and breezy, I almost need thermal underwear!