Friday, 28 October 2016

Paying It Forward - a giveaway with strings attached

This week the lovely Abigail from Cut & Alter sent me a Pay it Forward Craft gift in the mail. Back in June my name was picked as being the lucky recipient and Abigail promised me something in the mail before Christmas, so it was something of a surprise when it arrived.

Now it’s my turn to Pay it Forward. I need to pick 3 people to send a little (postage costs from Australia being what they are) something to. If you would like to be the recipient and are willing to then pay it forward to 3 other people in your turn leave a comment below. Make sure I can contact you. If you are a no-reply commenter please add your Instagram handle or email address.

I’ll be giving other opportunities over on Instagram as well so if you’d like to give yourself extra chances leave a comment over there as well.

I’ll randomly pick the winners next Friday lunchtime Perth time and I’ll be in touch. Good luck!


  1. Isn't this fun! I believe I entered Abigail's draw but then forgot all about it. It's a lovely idea and I would like to participate.

  2. Sounds fun! I'm willing to participate <3

  3. I'm in the States so don't expect to participate, but this is such a lovely idea! You received some lovely gifts!

    1. I'm expecting to send the gift overseas - your name is in the hat!

  4. I love the concept of Pay it Forward. Your gift is lovely, beautiful colours.